Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Weekend Of Football.....

Colin had an action packed weekend of football, both college and pro. On Saturday he watched a pitiful Syracuse Orange football team get whipped by Akron...They have hit rock bottom so he may not wear the jersey too much as he can't take the ribbing from his Uncle Brian (an avid Uconn Husky fan). Here is the photo:

(PS - Thanks to Uncle Alex and Aunt Jamee for the jersey)

Then today, me and Colin dressed up in our Buffalo Bills uni's for their first game of the season against Seattle. Well, for the first time in Colin's life, the Bills won the opener. Colin was excited as he wore his new Trent Edwards (QB) jersey. Daddy still has his old McGahee jersey until he gets to the store to buy a new one.


Mommaof2 said...

Okay, there's that poker face we love!! Sounds like fun - football! My favorite time of year!

Hope you have a great week!

Kathy said...

OH my...Malanie, are you a football fan too??
I like watching my kids play...but, oh...I have to say that I'm not one that likes to watch it ALL DAY!
But, It's adorable that you dress up Mr. Serious to watch the games!!!
He's simply precious!
I'm eating a brownie tonight for you Melanie!!!
Take care you guys...
thanks for the update!

Nanna said...

I guess you will have to put the Syracuse jersey away now and Uncle Brian will need to buy him a UCONN jersey. He can switch his team just like his daddy did when he left Connecticut........
Love and kisses to all.
Nanna and Grandpa

The Portas said...

Looks like he's taking the games pretty seriously! Cute pics, as always. Just love that little face. :) xooxo

Sue said...

I bet if you took a picture of Colin today with his Bills jersey you would get a smile out of him. He'd be thinking his team finally has a chance with Brady out for the season!